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1° Yildirim’s family (Tr)
2° Ciurlica’s family (Ro)
3° Kilicarslan’s family (Tr)
4° Pavia’s family (Mt)
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- ICT, Communication & the families -
The idea The project wants to develop a learning community of children and parents, by involving them all together in a learning path: children teach to their parents how to use the ICT tools, while the parents single out some contents based on their knowledge.
Parents and children together will realize multimedia e-learning paths, enriching their knowledge and acquiring new strategic competences.
The learning path will be organized through the use of a On-Line Learning Game that will involve the users on the community activities.
The scaffolding of the learning processes supposes a collaboration and international relationship between the people that are teaching (parent, tutor, teacher, pair…etc) and the ones that are learning.
The theory framework of the project is the Constructivism Paradigm, in accordance with the principle that argue that the knowledge, development and learning processes aren’t innate skills of the individual, but they are functions that are generated by the social interactions, the multiple relations and a specific context.
Why PATCH-World... The name Patch-World comes firstly from the idea of Patchwork or "pieced work" which is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. What is important is the fact that in a patchwork the result given by the group of patches placed together is different from the simple sum if the contents.
So the importance of working together, of choosing the right patch at the right moment and to see only at the end which is the real result of the common work.
But Patch as also another important meaning: unlike applications such as word processors, patches play a unique role in computer games, that almost always require patches to fix compatibility problems after their initial release.
After those definitions, we thought that Patch was definitely a key word for our project, together with World, which is in our case an on-line environment where the players will have the opportunity to meet, to play, to challenge and to build up a common work.
PATCH-WORLD – PArents and CHildren Working, ORganizing and Learning together 135285-LLP-1-2007-1-IT-KA3-KA3MP-CMP
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