Euclid was a Greek mathematician, popularly considered as the "Father of Geometry". His “Elements” is the most successful textbook in the history of mathematics. In it, the principles of what is now called Euclidean geometry are deduced from a small set of axioms. Euclid is also known for the definition of the three-dimensional space, able to contain different kinds of representations, as the modern virtual space interfaces do. We are of course able nowadays to imagine multidimensional environments which go beyond the Euclidean space, but what we now call multidimensionality comes from there.
Our EUCLIDES project wants to honour the “great scientist” through the experimentation of an innovative teaching and training methodology, based on the Constructivism approach and on the Problem-Based Learning (PBL), through the use of ICT instruments. Those tools will be planned in order to allow us to regain the Euclidean dimension, instead of dissolve it.
This methodology will be thought and developed for the study of scientific subjects and, during the project activities, it will be experimented in some European secondary schools, involving in the project: teachers, trainers, students, facilitators and tutors.
EUCLIDES – Enhancing the Use of Cooperative Learning to Increase Development of Science studies 134246-LLP-1-2007-IT-COMENIUS-CMP
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