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A Bridge from where
starting from the experience of the Insula Europae project Bridging_EI intends to involve all the schools which have taken part in its curricula (History of European Integration, European Literature and Culture, European Civil Education) to an in-depth study of ICT as a teaching tool.
The previous experience has outlined the very good results in the use of tools such as multimedia and contents engineering in order to involve users.
The objective is now to develop and experiment e-learning tools to create an Active Learning model. 
.. But with a new innovative method
A Bridge to …
The role teacher-student is switched and through community tools and sharing, interest and motivation increase.
Through ICT educational tools BridgingIE aims at creating and experimenting in European secondary schools a new, dynamic and creative teaching method through e-learning based on open-source tools that at the same time is technologically and economically sustainable.
Who is it for?
Secondary schools where curricula is seen both as a teaching method and as motivation to learn.
For students: learning is based on cooperation and active participation through a creative multimedia environment. Through Active Learning (AL) students can use their competences in a creative way in order to see studying as a game.
For teachers: motivate teachers to use innovative teaching methods through training courses for the use of new technologies and the tools used in their profession. Prompt them to enter and see the student’s “dimension” from the inside.
¤ motivate and make studying more appealing
¤ reduce the rate of drop-outs
¤ stimulate the use of ICT tools in schools
¤ modernise teaching in secondary schools
¤ reconvert the natural skills of the students not exclude them and integrate them in school activities.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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